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About the Channing Bete Company

At Channing Bete Company, we have one mission: to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values.

We do this by:

  • creating research-based, reliable resources in formats for readers of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and reading levels
  • offering an extensive product line that is second to none in its breadth and depth
  • backing everything up with superior customer service.

In short, whether you are with a school, government agency, nonprofit organization, or business, we have the high-quality products you need, the services you want, and the solutions to your communication challenges.

History of the Channing Bete Company

In 1936, Channing L. Bete Sr. opened an advertising agency, eventually incorporating his business in 1946. Convinced that postwar America needed new ways to understand the dramatically altered global landscape, he began writing short booklets on issues such as world peace and how to make the world a better place—subjects that were highly compelling to Americans at that time. These issues are reflected in the Company's mission today, "to strengthen individuals, families, and communities by reinforcing healthy behaviors and commitment to positive social values."

In 1954, the advertising agency officially became the publishing company known today as Channing Bete Company. Its signature products featured Scriptography® — a universal word and graphics style that Mr. Bete had designed to convey key points quickly and help readers retain and act upon the information they learned. Small Scriptographic® booklets on various subjects were published to help organizations give empowering information to individuals from all walks of life.

In 1967, Mr. Bete’s son, Channing L. Bete, Jr. (known to many as “Joe”), became president, and over the next 30 years transformed his father’s communication style into a multi-million-dollar corporation run out of the state-of-the art facility in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Publishing an ever increasing range of subjects, Scriptographic® booklets were purchased by hospitals, public health departments, schools, utility companies, human service agencies, fire departments, police stations, and churches across the country, and military bases around the world. The Company created a nationally acclaimed series of videos and expanded its reach as a publisher internationally, with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Japan. Over time, Channing Bete Company publications were translated into 28 different languages.

In 1995, Chan Sr.’s grandson Mike became the president. The Company’s publishing efforts expanded to include new styles and formats in order to meet changing demands and support the custom publishing arm of the business.

In 2019, leading promotional products distributor HALO Branded Solutions proudly agreed to continue the Channing Bete Company legacy by acquiring the Channing Bete product line and expanding it to include complementary promotional products.

In over 65 years of operation, the Channing Bete Company has worked hard to improve the lives of millions of people, serve our customers, be a good employer, and give back to the community.