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The PATHS® Program Has a New Home!

We couldn't be more pleased about this exciting development. Starting now, the PATHS program will be distributed by a longtime PATHS program advocate and trainer, Anna-Lisa Mackey. From now on, you can find everything you need -- classroom modules, extra supplies, and more -- at PATHSProgram.com.

This new distributor has already hit the ground running, so current PATHS customers can get all the resources they need quickly and easily. If you're looking to explore what the PATHS program can offer your school or district, go to PATHSProgram.com. to learn more about the program and to sign up to receive SEL news in your inbox!

Meet CEO Anna-Lisa Mackey -- a passionate advocate of SEL and the PATHS® program!

Ms. Mackey has worked as an educator for more than 20 years in a variety of school settings. Her passion for everything that the proven-effective PATHS program can achieve makes her company the ideal source for all your PATHS curriculum needs.

In addition, through her work training and implementing SEL programs in schools, Ms. Mackey has developed a unique method for training teachers on how to implement social and emotional learning with an analytical perspective. Starting now, it will be easy for everyone to benefit from her expertise! Training options are available right from PATHSProgram.com, including:

  • self-paced, 3-hour online training
  • one day of in-person follow-up training for groups of up to 50 teachers
  • individual coaching to help teachers one-on-one.

Custom training and guest speakers are also available!

Visit PATHSProgram.com now!